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"A Heart on Two Legs", My Grandfather used to call me.

Hey there, I am Nischal. I am a Student, Developer and I Love Everything That Makes Me More Human. I always believe in leaving our earth a better place to live than yesterday.

I Love Everything That Makes Me More Human.

My Philosophy (1/n)

Small Action is Better than Big Intentions.

My Philosophy (2/n)

It can be learned.

My Philosophy (3/n)

Photo of Nischal riding a bike.


My name is Nischal Lal Shrestha. I am BE Software student at NCIT, Nepal. I am a highly focused, passionate, and dedicated person, interested and specialized in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and standards based web development.

Where I'm from

I was born in Nuwakot, Nepal. After I completed my S.L.C I went to Kathmandu, Nepal for higher studies. What I like most about Nepal is that it's my home.

What do I think about Momo

It's what people serve you in heaven.

What do I think about Messi


What do I think about TMKOC