Don't be religious about technology

By Nischal Lal Shrestha | On Sun, Sep 15 2019 | Filed under Thoughts

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Are you Religious?

Regardless, we are religious or not, I hope we agree that most fatal, pernicious, bloody wars in history were fought over religion(to some extent).It is quite doleful that same religious notions is incrementing about technology and software development. But, a sigh of relief, we don't kill people if they prefer Linux to windows, or iOS to Android or Java to C++ or ... Imagine what would be Earth, if Android users starts killing iOS users and vice-versa and so on....

To some extent, every people in the technical field are religious about their technology(programming language, OS, and other). It is quite natural to believe that what we have chose is best. So we always believe that our choice is greatest of great.

But, when we started to believe that every 'X' is shit compare to our glorious 'Y' is very disastrous. It is so destructive to yourself if you develop this sort of thinking. If you dogmatically pretend belief that 'Y' is best, predicated on your own, individual belief or, with the people of the same kind of mentality then you are in a path of destruction, limitation and circumscription. I mean, Relish life, explore every technology, taste everything. Possibly, you may not know that you were starving till you tasted other things.

Holy War: Linux Vs Windows?

You could find a Linux fanboy in every group. There is no problem in being a Linux Fanboy. But, some Linux fanboys are so preoccupied with their presuppositions that they hate 'X' comparing 'X' with Linux, Linux is an authoritative figure. Linux was made to rule.

They always verbalize, Linux doesn't have the virus, ransomware. Is there no ransomware on Linux? Is there no virus on Linux? I don't think you will say that unless you are living under the rock. Have you heard about KillDisk*, BadBunny, Rexob, Hummingbad, Turla, NyaDrop, Kaiten, Hand of Larcenist, satyg, staor, Nuxbee, kagob a, kagob b, Hasher, Diesel, Coin, binom and there were many other additionally. Certainly, No technology is best. There are ups and downs in everything.

The same thing with Windows evangelist. When Windows get assailed by some VIRUS or RANSOMWARE. They verbalize, "Windows have more users, So there is more virus assailing Windows. Who on the earth will make virus for 10 people, comparing to 1.5 billion windows users?". The quandary here is, our Windows evangelist doesn't know or is pretending not to know that more than 91% of all web servers run on Linux. If someone could hack that, they could pull down whole world in a matter of an hour.

The discussion here is not about Linux or Windows. The main point is not to concretise our thinking and way of visually perceiving world. If you love X then it necessarily doesn't mean you should hate Y. Everyone is in liberty to cull whatever they like. Please don't circumscribe your options. Taste everything. There is no good reason to dogmatically insist that your technology is best at an expense of ignoring all others.

So, the problem is not awareness, it is atitude.

We should know, Not all technology are best, most of technology we use are better form of Good. Certainly, in different circumstances, different technology might be a better choice, even best. But, it is quite idiotic to think that your X is always great. Can you tell me a best text editor or best best browser for all? Certainly you know what is best for yourself but for all? NO!!Can you?

We are all diverse and this is what make us more powerful. We can't have same understanding on everything and we should not. Let's accept this fact.

So be open-minded, taste everything and don't miss opportunities to explore. Cheers!!