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Getting a Handle on Vector for Machine Learning

The word vector comes from the Latin for “carrier”, reason might be the nature of vector to move from one location to another. In physics, a Vector is an object that...

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Simple Linear Regression Tutorial

Linear Regression attempts to model the relationship between two variables by fitting a linear equation to observed data

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Mimicking Biological Neural Network | Artificial Neurons and Biological...

Although a present day artificial neural network resembles the biological neural network/human brain much as a paper plane resembles a supersonic jet, although, ANN...

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Don't be religious about technology

To some extent, every people in the technical field are religious about their technology(programming language, OS, and other). It is quite natural to believe that...

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Activation functions in a deep neural networks

This activation function prevents collapsing because it adds a extra bit of processing before transfering the output of a neuron. Let's say we have an...

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Building a Currency Converter using OpenExchangeRates API and requests

Converting Currency in google is no fun and no brainer. Explore the power of programming by building our own Currency Converter.

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How often should we commit? Is git commit quantification of quality?

The best answer to question "How often should you commit?" would be "More often than you are doing now". Commit every change that you don't think breaks something,...

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Identification of Rice Leaf Diseases using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

In Nepal, increased rice production is closely related not just with the national economic health but also with less hunger, better nutrition, lower levels of poverty...

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Bayesian Theorem and Naive Bayes Classifier

The fundamental idea behind all Bayesian Statistic is Bayesian Theorem. So it is vital to understand what is Bayesian Theorem.

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