Top 10 reason why Nirdesh is the most handsome man of Nepal

By Nischal Lal Shrestha | Sat, Nov 14 2020 | Thoughts

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He is more handsome because he has an easy way about him, as if he were born to do what he does, as if doing it were in his nature, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Ghanshyam Joshi (Formal Child)

Nirdesh is rich.

Nirdesh is handsome and Good Looking because of his nice clothes, but that's not it either. There is something more. Nirdesh has a certain grace that makes him attractive. I can't think of any man who has all those qualities.

Nischal Lal Shrestha (Formal Child)

I loved three things -- a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome Nirdesh.

Ex Crush of Nirdesh (A person who shall remain nameless)

Nirdesh plays guitar

Good Looking Nirdesh Shrestha posing with umbrella

According to research done at Pokhra University of Nepal, the following reasons make Nirdesh the most handsome man of Nepal.

  • Nirdesh's smile makes every girls heart flutter.
  • Nirdesh cooks MOMOs when his girl is sick.
  • Nirdesh smells good.
  • He is tall.
  • He has a clean shaven face.
  • He wears cologne.
  • He smirks often.
  • He has nice eyes.
  • Nirdesh laughs loudly and doesn't care what people think.
  • He got appropriate tattoos.

Nirdesh is born handsome

Nirdesh has also published a lot of book. Some of the quote from his book "Why other people call me handsome?" are:

  • "Being a gentleman is a good start. Don't just grab a random girl, go and seek out a lady that makes your heart flutter."
  • "Beards are nice but not when you can't grow them hair down there. You need to get a razor and grow a beard."
  • "Just because something looks ugly on the outside, doesn't mean it tastes bad."
  • "If you think you got a shot at someone, you better make it clear to them that you have a shot. You don't want to seem creepy or opportunistic."

Nirdesh Shrestha carrying food for his children

Here are some of tips from Nirdesh to woo girls:

  • Learn how to play the mandolin
  • Learn how to pole dance
  • Learn how to whistle

Hey, if you're going to try to woo a girl, you should at least be able to play something.

-- Nirdesh Shrestha(Most handsome man from Nepal)

Food is love for Nirdesh

A survey done at the streets of Kathmandu among girls found out following peculiar feature about Nirdesh.

Why Girls Like Nirdesh

  • He is very happy.
  • His eyes are like a beautiful blue diamond.
  • He has a nice body and legs.
  • His eyes are like two blue stars.

Many people say Nirdesh is handsome because he is a nice person. He always helps out his friends and family. Nirdesh has a large enough heart to love three women but not so large that he can't let them all go.

Nirdesh doesn't consider himself handsome but he believe in giving hand-to-some-one who need help. Last time he donated his whole month salary to his dear friend Nischal. If that doesn't make Nirdesh attractive and good looking I wonder what will.

-- Prakriti Sapkota (Second Crush of Nirdesh)

Nirdesh in Sundarijal

Nirdesh has a very good personality, he works very hard and dresses up well with the ocassion.

Nirdesh doesn't say he is handsome. But he can give his hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.
There was nothing so attractive as powerful, handsome, and self-assured than Nirdesh.
Nirdesh used to care about how he looked. Now he don't care as much. Maybe it's because he is so handsome.
Nirdesh may not be the richest person in the world but he can make you smile and will take care of you everyday until the end of time.
The best accessory for a women - a handsome Nirdesh.
Nirdesh is more handsome than other guys and he is ok with it. Suck it loosers.
Nirdesh is hadsome, no ands, buts or ifs.
What was God thinking when he created a guy this handsome as Nirdesh? Nirdesh is a gift to womankind, Nirdesh is a torture device.
Nirdesh isn't flattered when women call him handsome. He knows he owns it to his parents and their parents gene. Being humble is ok.
She loved three things -- a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome Nirdesh.
Nirdesh sure is handsome. He can't lie. He is one hell of a handsome man.
If being handsome is a crime, arrest Nirdesh