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How to sort a dictionary in python: Sort a dictionary by key, value,...

The dictionary is a fundamental data structure of a python ecosystem. It is written as a series of key:value pairs, separated by commas, enclosed in curly braces.

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K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm for Image Classification

KNN algorithm assumes that similar things are near to each other. In KNN we select a number of neighbors of the things we're are interested in and based on the...

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Top 10 reason why Nirdesh is the most handsome man of Nepal

Nirdesh is most nice looking and handsome man of Nepal and he knows it.

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Introduction to Abstract Data Types

Computer Scientists uses the concept of abstraction to manage the complexity of a system or a problem. By abstraction we mean, specifying what it does, but not How it...

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How to create a dict in python?

How to create an empty dictionary in python?

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I feel nothing.

Today I feel nothing

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Most popular names in Nepal

Most popular names in Nepal🇳🇵 as taken from the Election Commission of Nepal voters list:

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Simple time-of-day TCP Client-Server model example using sockets in C

In a client-server model, a server is an application program that offers a service over a network. The server's code runs first, which opens a port and accepts an...

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Introduction to Data Structure

A Data Structure, as the name suggests, is a method to store data in a structured way so that it can be easily created, viewed, and managed. A one-liner definition...

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